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John Bul Dau

In April 2009, A Walk in Their Shoes brought another incredible experience to Marathon County. A Walk in Their Shoes featured John Bul Dau, author of God Grew Tired of Us: A Memoir. Local middle school  students heard John Dau speak on April 22, 2009. A community presentation was held on Tuesday, April 21, 2009, in the Wausau East High School Auditorium. This exceptional experience was open to the public at no charge. A book signing followed.

John Bul Dau’s gripping story as one of the Lost Boys of Sudan, captures the heartbreak of unspeakable tragedy as well as the resolve of the human spirit. John’s account of what happened to his village in Southern Sudan was mirrored across his country—leaving a generation of boys with only one another for support. His book, God Grew Tired Of Us: A Memoir, shares the raw power of living history that few in the United States have yet to confront or understand. John’s life is a testament to the power of the human heart to go through unspeakable violence and loss and remain determined to see good triumph. Now a citizen of the United States, John has founded three non-profit organizations, including The Sudanese Lost Boys Foundation. He speaks with a powerful voice on the critical importance of human rights and ending the tragedy in Southern Sudan. John Bul Dau’s story is a compelling addition as the 2009 featured speaker for A Walk in Their Shoes: Stories of Humanity and Transformation from Around the World.

Here are some powerful quotes from seventh grade students:

"John Bul Dau has really made an impact on me. I never really realized how much we have."

"Listening to this great man just makes you want to take a stand."

“He changed my perspective of life and his message told me no matter what hardships that life throws at you; you have to fight back; you have to keep on going and never give up.”

"I learned that if you succeed you should give back to your community because they were the ones that helped you be a successful person by giving you schools to learn in and parks to play in. If you give back to your community, it will help you in the end because you might give a little boy or girl an education."

"I think the most important thing I learned from John's presentation is that sometimes education is all we have. We must get an education and never give up."

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